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Saturday October 26th at 10:00am


The tournament will be 2v2 

$25 for a team of 2 to register

$30 at the door



Tournament Rules

The tournament will consist of one magfed and one Open bracket. Magfed will only consist of magfed markers and sidearms, while the open bracket will consist of any gun you want to use in the competition. The markers in open and magfed competition must adhere to all field safety guidelines and not shoot over 250-280 FPS CONSISTENTLY (3-5balls).

We will only be allowing semi auto firing rate.

Games will be played with only a 5 min break between games.  All standard game play rules apply. 

Early registration is $25 per team. Only membership players can bring their own paint.

All other players must use field paint.

Walk on registration is $30 at the door (unless you have a Shoothouse membership).


Winner of 2 out of 3 matches moves on.

Winner of each tournament bracket leaves with $200 cash. 

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