General field rules and suggestions:

Last Check-In is at 4pm

Please download, fill out and sign the safety rules and waiver to bring with you on your first visit.  Thank you!

Shoot House LLC Waiver

We only have compressed air on the field. No CO2. If all you have is a CO2 tank we will let
you use one of our HPA (Compressed Air Tanks) they work for all guns.

You can still play with CO2 but you must get it filled elsewhere.

We CANNOT accommodate Airsoft at this time but hope to soon. 

You CANNOT bring your own paint.

If you are intoxicated or impaired in any way or you attempt to bring alcohol or illegal
substance on the premises you will be asked to leave with NO REFUND.

Every player will be expected to sign a waiver before using the field

We recommend a hiking style or thick sole shoes. NO flip flops or any type of

Water is Free at the field but we ask that you do hydrate before you show up.

If you bring your own equipment, barrel cover must be on your marker at all times when not in play.

You are responsible for securing your equipment and personal items. Shoot House LLC is
not responsible for any thing lost or stolen.

It must also be chronographed to ensure it doesn't shoot over 250-280 fps


Safety rules: 

(If violated may result in you getting kicked off of premises with no refund).

No firing over the nets

No Removing your mask during game play.

Barrel cover must be on at all times when not in play

No throwing or mistreating rental equipment as well as deliberately damaging the field and

Any type of physical altercation with staff or other players will not be tolerated.


Game Rules

(If violated can result in you sitting out a game and if it continues may result in you getting kicked off premises).

You cannot "overshoot" or once player is out and either the ref or they declare themselves
out you cannot keep shooting them.

You cannot "Blind Fire" or put your marker around a corner and firing without seeing
what your shooting at.

You cannot remove your mask for any reason during game play.

You must use designated entry and exit point on field. Do not attempt to go around or
under nets.

Ball must break on player for it to count.

You cannot wipe paint or try and wipe off paint after your hit.

If you are having issues with your marker call a ref and they will assist you.

All Ref decisions are FINAL.