Reservations made by appointment ONLY


Prices per game are as follows:

*Prices Are Before Tax

Fields are rented in 2 hour blocks and are billed as a total group that must consist of at least 6 players and a maximum of 30.


For games that are 6 players, it's $25 per player.

For games that are 7-30 players, it's $20 per player.


Each player will receive

    - 250 Paintball's

    - 1 Mask

    - 1 Gun

    - Unlimited air

    - 2 hours of field time.

If you bring your own gear its a flat $20 for unlimited air and 250 paintballs. 

Prices for additional paint:

$25.00 per Bag of Paintballs

$35.00 for 2 Bags of Paintballs

$60 for a case.