The Town

Come play a big game at our Band of Ballers field. This field is 2 acres filled with blown out buildings, machine gun nests and tons of other props. 


Shoot House

Train in our Shoot House customizable building.  Just let us know the layout you want and we can have it set up for you.  Or adjust it as you see fit.

Shoothouse Paintball Equipment Store


In our storefront we carry multiple styles of paintballs, gloves, backpacks, masks, and tons of other accessories and Shoot House apparel.



Our overall goal with Shoot House LLC is to provide a fun and safe environment to play paintball and train for home and self defense techniques.

New hours of operation

Friday Open ALL DAY 8am - 5pm
Saturday 3pm - 8pm
Sunday 8am -1pm

Reservations made by appointment ONLY